ʿAḍud al-Dawla
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, abū s̲h̲ud̲j̲āʿ fannā ḵh̲usraw , son of Rukn al-Dawla, Buwayhid [q.v.] amīr al-umarāʾ , born at Iṣfahān on 5 Ḏh̲u ’l-Ḳaʿda 324/24 Sept. 936. On the death in 338/944 of his uncle ʿImād al-Dawla, according to the latter’s wish, since he left no son of his own, Fannā Ḵh̲usraw, though then aged only thirteen, succeeded him as ruler of Fārs; in 351/962 he received the laḳab ʿAḍud al-Dawla from the caliph al-Muṭīʿ; on the death of his other uncle Muʿizz al-Dawla in 356/967 he obtained possession of ʿUmān; and in the following year he conquered Kirmān, in the gover…

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